I am a Hillsborough, North Carolina-based photographer, writer, and elementary school art teacher.  My photographs are created along the backroads and byways of America, along roads less traveled.  In these out of the way places, I find creative inspiration in the relics of an America from days gone by.  For me, the unique aesthetic of these forgotten and forlorn subjects resonates with their former lives and the voices of the generations that passed through them long ago - the "ghosts" of the ghost roads.

Almost of all of these images were created with a handheld, mirrorless digital camera.  In editing, I often add a layer of metal, fabric, paper, or other texture to the image, sometimes simply to add visual interest to a featureless sky or background, but also because these textures complement the rustic nature of the subjects.

Whenever my other lives give me time, or my travels bring me to new parts of the country, I'll be searching more ghost roads for other subjects to add to this collection, so please check back often.


Michael Oechsle, Photographer